Sam and Tim Aitken are brothers.  They live on the Sunshine Coast.  They are musicians.  Their band is called Sametime and they believe in the '10,000 hours rule' – being that “10,000 hours of ‘deliberate practice’ is required to become world-class” … and they’re well on their way to accruing those 10,000 hours of practicing and gigging. 

Sam and Tim learned their instinctive ‘Pop logic’ on the streets of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Despite their young age (Tim, 20 and Sam, 17), they have spent the last 8 years developing a reputation as the Sunny Coast’s hardest working buskers.  

The boys were originally known as Hoo8Hoo, and with Tim on Guitar and Sam on Cajon they busked everywhere from the Sunshine Coast to Sydney.  While still in their early teens they entered (and won) many busking competitions, opening the doors for them to be included in some great Festival line-ups throughout Queensland and NSW.  They’ve performed hundreds of gigs yet that still puts them some way behind The Beatles, who played 1200 shows before they had their first hit … but hey, it’s a great foundation for the amazing possibility of spending your life doing what you love.

In recent years, their vision for what all this could become has expanded considerably. They’ve put a band together, filled out their live sound and focused on writing their own songs.  Good songs. Songs that captured the attention of Sony/ATV who gave them a worldwide long-term publishing deal in early 2017, when they were just 14 and 17! Making them one of the youngest songwriters ever signed to Sony/ATV in Australia.

As two hard grafting buskers, with their Guitar and Cajon supporting their freakishly good sibling harmonies, Sametime were always going to be able to rock the folk angle with ease. Their first single, ‘Where the Wind Blows’ is testament to this. For Sam and Tim however, Sametime is at its heart a pop duo, and from mid-2017 onward they have been busting a gut writing the sort of infectious bangers that give ‘pop’ a good name. 

In 2018, Sametime won the open-age Bluesfest Busking Competition out of more than 300 entrants nationwide. This saw them performing live at the Festival in 2018, and snaring a precious slot in the official line-up for the 30th anniversary Bluesfest in 2019.

The Harbour Agency joined the team of industry partners supporting the boys in 2018, signing Sametime to their illustrious booking roster and determined to expand their live footprint throughout Australia in 2019/20.

Sametime recently released their debut EP on their independent label Duckfeet Records and are currently working hard with some of Australia’s best producers to carve out their own distinctive pop sound.

Aspirations for 2019 are simple: to release smart pop singles and tour Australia.